[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 12][begging][tenga][ spoon spanking]

Play Count: 5038
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 11][begging][hitachi][spanking]

Play Count: 3948
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 2][begging][tenga][flogging][nipple clamps][gagged]

Play Count: 3908
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 9][begging][hitachi/tenga][flogging]

Play Count: 4147
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 8][begging][hitachi][spanking][Crop]

Play Count: 2784
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 7][begging][hitachi][aneros][BELT!][whimpers]

Play Count: 4428
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 6][begging][hitachi/tenga][BELT!][Inflatable dildo]

Play Count: 3860
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 5][begging][hitachi][spanking][nipple clamps]

Play Count: 2982
[M] The butterfly and the fire breathing dragon [bedtime story][pta]

Play Count: 2530
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 4][begging][tenga/aneros][spanking]

Play Count: 2725
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 3][begging][hitachi][spanking][gagged]

Play Count: 3365
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 2][begging][hitachi/tenga][flogging]

Play Count: 2804
[m] Denial with no end in sight [Day 1][begging][hitachi][spanking]

Play Count: 4662
[M] Morning fap after a few days [Tenga][Wet sounds][Man sounds]

Play Count: 7834
[M4F] Why do you have so many tabs open? Oh my what's this naughty girl [Humiliation][watching porn]

Play Count: 14880
[m] First time with the Tenga Flip [man sounds][moans][wet sounds]

Play Count: 8187
[m4f] Sweetest little one [scriptfil] [dd/lg]

Play Count: 8952
[M4M] You are so damn beautiful [JOI][Body love]

Play Count: 11051
[M4F] You are so damn beautiful [SI][Soft][Body appreciation]

Play Count: 7207
Please let me cum [fucking machine][hitachi][cock slaps][begging]

Play Count: 13719
[MM4A] A Night Out [Crossdress][Choking][Rough][CE]

Play Count: 11273
[M4M] That's a good sissy [Oral][Crossdress][anal]

Play Count: 36095
[M4F] Dinner with your parents [Whispers][L-bombs][Kissy noise][fingering]

Play Count: 16326
[M4M] You're my now under my control [Bondage][RAPE][Kidnap]

Play Count: 39463
[M4F] Little Mouse [Rape][Kidnap][Bound][Tease]

Play Count: 9558
[M4F] The Hunt [Script by /u/SuplexLemon][Part 1][Fear][Threats]

Play Count: 3822
[M4F] You're body is mine tonight [SI][Soft][Sensual]

Play Count: 6318
[M4F] The new employee [Boss/employee][CMNF][SI of sorts]

Play Count: 7131
Frat Party [Rape][creampie][drunk]

Play Count: 79159
[M4F] Haunted tunnel of love [Audiowhore #2] [fingering]

Play Count: 4575
[M4F] Hide in my beard princess [DD/lg][Lullaby][Late night cuddles/sex][impreg]

Play Count: 12513
[M4M] Exploring my Sexuality through your submission [Joi][light bondage]

Play Count: 11690
[M4F] Why do you make me force my hand [ Forced impreg]

Play Count: 18565
[M4F] You'd look so sexy with my baby inside you [Forced Impreg][Rape][Req-fill]

Play Count: 44104
[M4F] You're mine now [oral][fingering][whispers]

Play Count: 10243
[M4F] Fireplace [seduction][hypnosis][whisper]

Play Count: 4765
[M4F] I've been watching you [fearplay][a different kind of valentines day]

Play Count: 5264
[M4F] Lets just stay home today, Baby [Cozy morning sex][Playing hooky]

Play Count: 17382
[m] me and my new toy (fucking machine)

Play Count: 8023
Vanilla Super cuddles [Audiowhore #1][Reup]

Play Count: 3954
Mile High Club [Re-up][AudioWhore#1]

Play Count: 3031
[m] Reluctantly enjoying these panties [Crossdross][audiowhore]

Play Count: 3200
[m4F] Bunny plays [petplay]

Play Count: 7294
The Creeper at the pool

Play Count: 4084
[M] The man in the shadows [Stalker][fear][rape]

Play Count: 5344
[M] Eat my cum, you slut!

Play Count: 6256
[M4F] The Exam [prostate massage][strapon]

Play Count: 7761
[M4TF] Girl at the bar

Play Count: 5648
[M4F] Encouraging you to be loud

Play Count: 5734
[M4M] dressing room handjob

Play Count: 11197
[M] Dorky Dom has his way with you [rape][humor][lots of schuper aweschome schpeaking]

Play Count: 4008
[m] Safeword [Audiowhore]

Play Count: 4206
[M4F] The Ransom [Fearplay][Gunplay]

Play Count: 7971
[M] Without you [Poetry?][Sad][emotions][Feels Alert]

Play Count: 1932
[M4M] Are you mad I woke you up? [intimate][sleepy sex][anal][oral]

Play Count: 27776
Can I open my eyes? [intimate][lbombs][pre dinner sex][creampie]

Play Count: 8431
After Thanksgiving pulse fap

Play Count: 3991
[M4M] How do the panties feel on your cock, slut [Sissy][Oral][Anal][CE]

Play Count: 36723
[M4F] The Oral Exchange [Oral][bj][kissing]

Play Count: 5494
[M] The magician on the Strip [humor][script by KastyAiris]

Play Count: 1977
[MMFFFFF4A] The Carnival : The Menacing Clown [The finale][Part 6]

Play Count: 3499
[M4F] I'll show you what it is to be a whore [Father/daughter][incest]
Script by Vocawriter aka Ollie
Play Count: 17759
[M4F] time for your shower, kitten [petplay][part 2]

Play Count: 5857
[M4F] Living on the EDGEEEE [Tachi]

Play Count: 2980
On your knees for Sir [Throat fucking][creampie][handcuffs]

Play Count: 7820
Hands behind your back babygirl [dd/lg]

Play Count: 11511

Play Count: 1949
Losing myself in you [script by Trinity]

Play Count: 2823
Under My Control [Erotic Poem]

Play Count: 2039
[MMMFFF4A] The Carnival : The Lonely Curator [Wax figures][Blow Torch][Horror-theme][Part 5]

Play Count: 2640
[M4F] Eternity [Req-fill][Script by Hou_bi][Paranormal][Kidnapping]

Play Count: 4452
[m] Birthday Fap w/Commentary [Man Sounds][Commentary][MST3K][Yup its back

Play Count: 2909
[m] Princess outtakes

Play Count: 2193
[M] Princess vs. Writer [humor][Princess power]

Play Count: 1988
[m4f] The first time you pounded my ass [msub][strapon][story]

Play Count: 5439
[Re-up] The man who heals with anal sex! [Space Story][Multivoice][humor][Part2]

Play Count: 1783
[Re-up] The man who heals with anal sex! [Space Story][Multivoice][humor][Part1]

Play Count: 2077
[re-up] Twinkle Twinkle, let me sing you to sleep

Play Count: 2184
[re-up] Pillow talk with a bit of singing

Play Count: 3464
[re-up] Take a shower with me princess [dd/lg][intimate][sweet]

Play Count: 5415
[re-up] Get some sleep princess [dd/lg][singing]

Play Count: 4299
[re-up] Storytime for princess [dd/lg][singing][story]

Play Count: 3524
[re-up] You're safe in my arms baby [whispering][intimate][night terrors]

Play Count: 5848
[re-up] Shh baby, Let me help [Midnight Cramps]

Play Count: 7304
[M4F] Why can't we stop fighting, and just make love [Make up sex 2]

Play Count: 32805
[re-up] I'm sorry baby, please don't cry [Make up sex]

Play Count: 29569
[re-up] Catching the Domme [fearplay][rape][chase]

Play Count: 3770
[m4m/t] Bend over for me, so i can enjoy that sexy little ass [Crossdress]

Play Count: 16115
[re-up] Whisper in your ear, with everyone watching [Whispering][req-fill][Fingering]

Play Count: 7588
[re-up] Dorky Dom meets a nice girl [ humor]

Play Count: 2407
[re-up] Dorky Dom meets California Girl [humor][multiple voices]

Play Count: 2147
[re-up] The Dom and his prey A.K.A "The orgy" [MF4F][D/s][fsub][threesome]

Play Count: 9768
[re-up] The Domme and her prey A.K.A "The orgy" [MF4M][D/S][threesome]

Play Count: 6821
[re-up] 10 Little things [Req fill][sweet]

Play Count: 2107
[re-up] Gangbang in a library [Rape][Forced filled with COCK][Part 6]

Play Count: 14318
[re-up] You will not deny me again! [Fearplay][Rape]

Play Count: 5450
[re-up] So you don't want to answer my calls hmm? [Part 4][fear][rape]

Play Count: 4107
[re-up] So you don't want to answer my calls hmm? [Part 3][fear][rape]

Play Count: 3290
[re-up] So you don't want to answer my calls hmm? [Part 2][fear][rape]

Play Count: 3335
[re-up] So you don't want to answer my calls hmm? [Part 1][fear][rape]

Play Count: 4389
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 6 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2459
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 7 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2392
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 5 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2478
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 4 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2356
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 3 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2312
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 2 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 2348
[re-up] Fearplay Week Part 1 [Scott Park][rape][fear]

Play Count: 3514
[m] Edging to glory! I smite thee National orgasm day! [tachi][aneros][moaning][begging]

Play Count: 5885
[M4F] A spanish endevour [SI]

Play Count: 5498
[m] Batman after fighting justice

Play Count: 2902
[MF] Why can't you be good? [Femdom][Pegging][Response][Repost]

Play Count: 4464
[M] Movie Night [fingering][whispering]

Play Count: 8139
[m] Mixer Questions

Play Count: 2253
My birthday rant. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday <3

Play Count: 2142
[MMFFF4A] The Carnival : Conjoined Lovers [creepy][incest][genderswap][Part 4]

Play Count: 3613
[M4F] On the way out [quickie][dd/lg][whispering]

Play Count: 6311
[M4M] Master and his student

Play Count: 12994
[MMFFF4A] The Carnival : The Tamer [Seduction][Half-cats][fantasy][a tinge of fear]

Play Count: 3229
[M4F] Mouth [Office][Oral]
Script by /u/notinctrl.
Play Count: 4454
CakeDay for Reddit Rant

Play Count: 2630
[MMMFFFF4A] The Carnival : The Fortune teller [Care to see your future?]

Play Count: 3810
[MMMFFFF4A] The Carnival : The intro [Meet and greet][smooth criminal]

Play Count: 4104
Love Letter for /r/Recordings

Play Count: 1925
Dark Side of Daddy [Fear][chase]

Play Count: 6204
[M4F] Lighter side of daddy [Dd/lg]

Play Count: 18189
[M4F] A bit of clit pain

Play Count: 10316
You're into that? [M4M][Crossdress]

Play Count: 8986
[M4F] A train ride

Play Count: 4773
StepDaughter/Niece incest Repost
I have been asked a few times over the last few weeks to do some wincest. I haven't felt in the mood, and so I decided to re-post one of my older ones. Hope you enjoy. Thanks
Play Count: 8422
[M4F] So I hear you have a problem [SI]

Play Count: 3678
[M] Bzzzzzzzzzzz [First time with the TACHI][Glorious attachments][Man sounds][Swoosh]
So I bought a hitachi wand, and some fantastic attachments, and well I buzz my way to orgasm. Shit was fucking amazing. So good, Everyone can expect one for christmas. Dad: Hell yes, I needed a massager, god knows your step mom wont rub my fucking shoulders unless I pay her. Wait what the fuck is this attachment? " Merry christmas dad! So there are also some bumps and scuffs and shifts and shit from me moving the mic or just floundering in pleasure. I hope it doesnt ruin the audio for you. Please do enjoy, I know I fucking did.
Play Count: 4918
[M4F] Day 7 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 3995
[M4M] Day 7 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 4970
[M4F] Day 6 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2201
[M4M] Day 6 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 4527
[M4M] Day 5 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 3041
[M4F] Day 5 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2206
[M4M] Day 4 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 3262
[M4F] Day 4 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2276
[M4M] Day 3 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2870
[M4F] Day 3 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2525
[M4M] Day 2 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 3462
[M4F] Day 2 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 2877
[M4F] Day 1 of week long orgasm denial

Play Count: 4457
[M4M] Day 1 of week long Orgasm denial

Play Count: 6833
[M] Water is so damn sexy [contest]
This is for the contest by /u/AletheaRae. Water...water...water...everywhere.
Play Count: 2497
[M4F] I have you now my dear [Hero's and shit][rape][forced impreg][magic and shit]
This was a script written by someone on 4chan. I decided to read it, so here we go. The script : http://pastebin.com/YTGSwFxH
Play Count: 16715
[M4M] Are you awake baby?? [vanilla]

Play Count: 33651
I hope im not being to rough

Play Count: 11141
My terrible accent challenge

Play Count: 2605
[M] Daddy gets his revenge on her predator [Fearplay Friday][tinge of dd/lg][Male/Male][Rape][Oral]
Script by /u/yourlilslut part 2 of her fear play fun!
Play Count: 4997
Do you still remember that time when we were younger? [fingering][vanilla]

Play Count: 4853
You should have listened to me! [fearplay, a bit of horror]
So I am not feeling very well, but I couldn't very well not participate in fearplay friday. So I altered a previous idea so it was easier for me to record. I hope you enjoy it! Warning : There is rape and other triggers in this audio, please be wise in your choice to listen.
Play Count: 8140
Let's come together, baby

Play Count: 5277
Come put on a show for me

Play Count: 4091
Naughty lil Minx - reup

Play Count: 4481
Why do you insist on running from me?

Play Count: 17259
Tell them what you want my pet

Play Count: 3349
The night is just starting, baby

Play Count: 4099
Cum on my lips, baby

Play Count: 5505
Cum on my fingers, baby

Play Count: 8612
You have been a very bad kitten

Play Count: 4722
Our dirty little secret m4m
A friend confesses he is bi to his best friend. His friend is having a dry spell so takes him up on his offer. Scene is at a house party.
Play Count: 16182
m4m domination repost
This was a request fill for someone with the idea that a roommate found his roommate looking at gay porn. He then gives him what his been looking for. Excessive use of the word faggot per his request.
Play Count: 30869
m4m joi

Play Count: 31579
Failed SI turns into a fap

Play Count: 3826
Daddy's home

Play Count: 6255
A pleasant surprise

Play Count: 4476
Lazy morning

Play Count: 4101
You're mine

Play Count: 4637
Rope tighten and stuff

Play Count: 2542
I just met you....and this is crazy...lol

Play Count: 2681
Valentine's day fearplay part 2

Play Count: 4382
V Day dinner

Play Count: 3232
Valentine's day fearplay part 1

Play Count: 3438
Can I meet your parents? M4F

Play Count: 9187
Can I meet your parents? M4M

Play Count: 9520
Take it out on me Mistress
She comes home, angry that some filthy man touch her ass without permission. She takes it out on me!
Play Count: 5072
Oh you wanna play games huh princess?

Play Count: 10668
SI Cum Denial ( Repost )
Re posting my first SI cum denial. I hope you enjoy..again.
Play Count: 5913
First time playing big girl games with princess

Play Count: 7681