Fractionation Mega Collab Hypnosis
This fractionation file was part of a megacollab that I did with a bunch of different hypnotists. See how fractionated you can be after listening to a lot of different styles and voices. Wheee! :) More information on all of the artists and information about where to listed to more of their works here:
Play Count: 214
Forget (Hypnovember 2023 Day 21)
My last catchup for Hypnovember. Similar to the style of Samsung's website that helps you forget TV series you've watched, this file is designed to help you forget all of my Hypnovember content for this year- so you can experience it again for the first time! Find everything at There's also encouragement to give me feedback but- you don't need posthypnotic suggestions to do that. ;) Give me feedback, please! I love it!
Play Count: 591
Pet (Hypnovember 2023 Day 18)
I'm a bit sick so- did some nice self hypnosis around the idea of being pet .
Play Count: 849
Shatter (Hypnovember 2023 Day 15)
Just a quick loopable file with a nice "shatter" mantra
Play Count: 684
Hypnovember Day 4: Denial
Denial. That's it. That's all the description you get. (Unless you want spoilers- then head over here- )
Play Count: 997
Hypnovember Day 7: Repetition is Hypnotic
Repetition is Hypnotic
Play Count: 755
Daze (Hypnovember 2023 Day 1)
Daze One take wonder induction designed to remind you that going into trance isn't difficult at all. It's OK. Just drift.
Play Count: 1558
Yoga Fetish File
This file is designed to give you a more...erotic appreciation of yoga. Maybe even a full new fetish. Listen to me talk about my own yoga fetish and the different ways it might rub off on you. Contains some themes of dominance/submission and briefly touches on common subfetish fantasies one might combine with yoga including doll play, robot play, drones, brainwashing, cults, tease and denial. Themes of arousal. Please let me know what you think!
Play Count: 3562
Hypnotic High Wire Act (A One Take Wonder for Hypnovember Day 23: Circus)
You have decided to do the high wire act at the circus! For some reason! A hypnotically guided journey through your performance. Note this is a one take- I didn't even get to edit. Please be kind. (Content warning: heights, performance anxiety, potential falls)
Play Count: 1269
Advanced Recruitment Tactics (Hypnovember Day 15: Cult)
A one take read through of my first-ever hypnokink story, Advanced Recruitment Tactics. It's a bit sloppy but hopefully still worth a listed! Read the story by itself here-
Play Count: 2144
Hypnovember Day 9: Go Deeper
Go deeper. (No wakener.)
Play Count: 2930
Day 6: Mouth Play (CUNT)
For Hypnovember day 6, I decided to do something entirely different. This monologue is just super, super fun to say- and maybe a bit hypnotic? Anyway, from the Vagina Monologues, here's CUNT.
Play Count: 1713
Hypnovember Day 4: At Attention
A bit of fun waking trance to fulfill my Hypnovember Day 4 prompt. Be ready to stay and kneel as you listen. Light, light D/s. This file may be a good way to practice waking trance if you want to build up those skills! This one was also a One Take Wonder so apologies for any audio issues!
Play Count: 2399
Creative Constraints: Don't Cum, Create!
Just in time for Hypnovember! Build up your creative energy through denial. This file will help you feel some delicious erotic energy and then channel that energy into creative pursuits. This file gently discourages orgasm until your creative pursuits are complete (but does include opt outs for safety). I would love to hear your feedback/thoughts on this! If you want to check out the script first, it's here-
Play Count: 5009
Self Care hypnosis
A file I made entirely for my own self soothing purposes- although you can definitely listen too. :) If you do, I apologize about my neighbor's dog- he's like that sometimes. :P
Play Count: 2106
Get Wet with Ella Enchanting
Recorded for the Hypnovember 2019 Day 13 prompt: Bath. I'm tired from writing stories all month so I decided to treat myself to a nice bath and some self-hypnosis tonight instead. I make no guarantees about sound quality, eloquence, or proper pronunciation.
Play Count: 2183